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Join us for Twelve Nights of Dessert this December!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, and the last week before Christmas.

By reservation, this will be a seated table service of light fare savory cuisine and plated desserts, as well as a full espresso bar menu of composed holiday drinks.

Here is a sample menu of what is to be expected, the menu changes for each night!

Flourless Frambois                                               9
Flourless chocolate cake glazed with raspberry confiture, bittersweet chocolate ganache, fresh raspberries, greek yogurt sorbet

Brioche Doughnut                                                 6
filled with Raspberry Preserves or Pastry Cream

Caramel Apple Spice Cake                                   8
Caramelized poached apples and golden raisins over spiced pound cake, cinnamon ice cream

Chevre Cheesecake                                                9
Dried fruit compote, candied walnuts

Chocolate pot de creme                                        8
Fresh raspberries, creme chantilly

Hazelnuts & Caramel                                           10
Nougat cream, hazelnut tart, caramel jelly, creme anglais, roasted hazelnuts

Chocolate Chunk Cookies                                    6
baked to order, served with steamed milk

Mocha Napoleon                                                   8
Almond Meringue layered with chocolate mousse and espresso buttercream, creme anglais, chocolate ganache

Pinapple Parfait                                                     9
Coconut soaked genois layered with pinapple mousse, pinapple jelly, crisp meringue

Chocolate Mousse                                                 6
Cherry compote, chocolate shavings

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